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Heim Construction Inc. recognizes employees for work during a difficult year with COVID-19
Working diligently to keep employees safe and working is a shared effort. Tracking the dynamic everchanging rules and guidance to comply with health orders kept employees up to speed on how to comply and protect themselves.
With party’s and picnics on hold, Roy Heim still wanted to provide employees with recognition for those that reached a designated years of service plateau. In addition, every employee received a gift momentum for appreciation of their work.


Saturday 22 August 2020 George & Renee joined in the bond of marriage. Everyone at Heim Construction Co., Inc. offers our sincere congratulations and wishes both of you a continued strong relationship going forward.

YEA! Students pitch the questions to Schuylkill business leaders
Gain personal insight into success
By john e. usalis staff writer – Republican Herald

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN – A panel of Schuylkill County business leaders responded to some interesting questions from a panel of potential future business leaders Thursday as part of a round table at Penn State Schuylkill.

The sixth annual CEO Roundtable of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy was sponsored by the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce and the Schuylkill Chamber Foundation with the cooperation of Penn State Schuylkill campus. The event was held in the Health and Wellness Center and was moderated by chamber board of directors Chairman John R. Powers Jr., chief executive officer of Ashland Technologies Inc.
Five of six students in the program sat at a table that faced a much longer table seating James C. Bohorad of Marshall, Bohorad, Thornburg, Price & Campion law firm; Cynthia Mensch of Alvernia University Schuylkill Center; Jeff O’Neill of M&T Bank; Patrick Jones of Penn State Schuylkill; Diane Newswanger of R&J Tours Inc; Shawn Raup-Konsavage of McDonald’s Restaurants in Pottsville and Schuylkill Haven; David Mason of Riverview Bank; Brian Frey of the Evans Network of Companies and Michael Wright of

Heim Const. has been a major participant since the inception the YEA.

The students asking questions were Daniel Aldrich, Pottsville Area High School; Evan Miller, Schuylkill Haven Area High School; Kallie Kleckner and Sylvia Hillbish, both of Blue Mountain Middle School; and Rio Vesay, Blue Mountain High School. Unable to attend was Jenisis Rodriquez, Pottsville Area High School, due to her competing at an event at the Schuylkill Technology Center.

Sponsored by the Schuylkill Chamber and the Schuylkill Chamber Foundation, YEA! Is a program for middle and high school students to gain knowledge and experience in creating and operating a business. Founded in 2004 at the University of Rochester with support from the Kauffman Foundation, the Young Entrepreneurs Academy serves thousands of students in communities across the nation. The YEA! Program began in the county in 2014.

The goal of the YEA! After school program is to transform middle and high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs. The students begin by identifying ideas and recognizing opportunities, then they will research and develop business plans with the help of their instructors and mentors. The students will pitch their business to an investment panel, which is composed of sponsors who may choose to invest in these new businesses. The students will actually launch their business and then introduce these businesses at a trade show in the Spring.
Before the event began, program manager Mary Jo Moss explained the focus of the panel.
“What I like to say we do is that the students turn the tables on the CEO’s.” Moss said. “They ask them all the questions. In about a month, they (the students) are going to be asked questions about their businesses. Today the students are asking the top executives and entrepreneurs to tell them a little about what got them to where they are, some of their biggest failures, some of their biggest inspirations, their role models, and try to see what it is like  from their perspective how to be entrepreneurial and successful.”
Moss said over the years the program has had students from all county school districts and private schools. She explained that the program was limited to fewer students who are more focused so they can go deeper and farther.
“We have some talented and eager and very driven kids in this program, It’s fun. It is really an insightful evening.” Said Moss.
The students all expressed the information they receive in the intricacies of planning and starting a business.
“I learned about the program while attending a presentation at my school.” Aldrich said. “When it was explained, it really sounded cool.”
“Years ago I saw this program at a presentation at school and it interested me.” Miller said. This year I wanted to start a business and I signed up. I’m learning about starting a business and learning about certain scenarios and what goes into a business.”
Kleckner had a business idea and decided the YEA! Would be a big help.
“I did this because I had a board game in mind and wanted to sell it.” Kleckner said.” The things I’m learning from this is that it’s more than just making something and selling it. You have to do all the financials and the planning of it.”
Vesay said, “I’m learning a wide variety of things about how to actually run a business. There’s a lot of planning involved and you can’t just take an idea and hope for the best. You really have to work with people and build connections. A lot of it is luck, but a lot of it is skill. I’m learning a lot personally; I’ve learned how to better myself as a person. You get to look out into the world and see when there is an opportunity and take it.”
Schuylkill chamber President/CEO Robert S. Carl Jr. made opening remarks about the YEA! Program and its history with the chamber and the foundation.
“The youth in our area are one of our, if not our most important, greatest assets, and YEA! Is a worthwhile investment in these young people, who are definitely our future.” Carl said.

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January 31, 2020 - HEIM CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. celebrates the annual Company party in January
After the seasonal scramble is in the background and the work season has slowed, Heim Construction families, co-workers and friends spent an evening of good food and comradery at the Heim office complex.
Company President Roy Heim thanked the families and the workers for handling a vigorous season and looks forward to 2020.

               September 2019 -   HEIM CONSTRUCTION CO. employees and families enjoying the weather, food, entertainment and commraderie. Annual company get together at the Heim Construction office facility. It truly was a great day.


HEIM CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.  was the prime sponsor of the LEHIGH VALLEY AND NORTHEAST PA COUNCIL meeting held at the Yuengling Museum and gift shop Friday 3 May 2019.
The Council’s mission is to lead the construction industry, guided by the principles of merit construction and free enterprise, while promoting growth in our market place and providing the highest level of safety, quality and training to our membership in the Lehigh Valley and Northeastern Pennsylvania.
The meeting covered the organizations upcoming events, focus on Young Professionals, Apprenticeship/Workforce Development and Education updates, Legislative matters, safety industry updates and current market financial news.
The attendees were treated to a tour of the Yuengling Brewery after the meeting.
Yuengling ABC 1     

                           FREE ENTERPRISE DAY 2019

ABC PA for the last few years has made it a priority to track every piece of legislation that impacts our strategic plan for the year. When a vote is taken, we record it and a simple grade is created. This allows us to provide our members with an easy to understand tool on where their local legislators stand on the issues most important to ABC. A good way to know if ABC PA will be counting a bill towards the scorecard, an official position paper is sent out to the members of the whole house/senate or specific committee. Senator Argall, Representative Knowles and Representative Tobash had a perfect score with ABC PA last year and therefore received an A+ rating and the eagle award, a small token to thank them for their continued support of the merit shop philosophy.

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) for Healthcare Construction Activities 

Heim Construction Co., Inc. has been involved in new construction and renovation of medical facilities for the past twenty (20) years.  One of our major goals and responsibilities is to practice infection control/prevention to protect patients, personnel & visitors during construction, demolition, renovation and facility maintenance.
Having consistent general standards for operating in the healthcare community was published in 1947. Over the years, the practice to protect and prevent has grown to support “clean” design and construction. The development of an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), a document which walks the Infection Control Professional (ICP) through the process of determining what type of precautions will be required during a construction or renovation process, provides a comprehensive set of instructions on how to establish an ICRA program at the hospital level.
Heim Construction Co., Inc. is proud to work with hospital leadership, facilities program management; from the architects and engineers to the manufacturers and installers; to all others that hold a stake in following through the ICRA plan. Ultimately, any work being performed within the healthcare facility is done to improve patient outcomes; from a minor repair to the construction of a new facility, the ICRA process begins and ends with the patient’s welfare as the catalyst for the process.
We are proud of our employees who were fully engaged during this training/certification process.

Our thanks go out to these dedicated workers:

Adam Marx, Cameron Smith, Generro DeLaTorre, Jayson Garcia, Jim Buhay, Jim Turnitza, John Mills, Kyle Klimowitch, Michael Wright, Paul Baddick, Rich Long, Rodney Kuehn, Rory Donly, Steve Morgan, Todd Techintine and Marlin Shultz.


OSHA 10 Hour & OSHA 30 Hour Training Completed 

Heim Construction Company, in keeping with our goal of ZERO accidents and employee safety, conducted its annual OSHA 10 & OSHA 30 hour construction training courses for employees.
The OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training course is designed to teach workplace safety and reduce jobsite hazards.  Covered under the OSHA 10 Construction Training are topics such as : Introduction to OSHA, Fall Protection, Electrocution Hazards, Caught-In Hazards, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Health Hazards, Material Handling, Tools — Hand and Power, OSHA-Sanctioned Employer Responsibilities, and OSHA-Supported Workers' Rights. OSHA 10 hour training is the initial step in training all employees how to create, maintain and operate in a safe work environment and more.
The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Training course teaches health and safety awareness by helping supervisors and workers reduce the risk of workplace hazards.
OSHA 30- Hour Construction topics include: Introduction to OSHA, OSHA Inspection Procedures, Safety & Health Programs, Recordkeeping, Major Fall, Caught-n/-Between, Struck-By and Electrocution Hazards (OSHA Construction Focus Four), Protection from Crane Hazards, Steel Structure Hazards, Confined Space Hazards, Fire Hazards, Activities that may cause MSD and RMD Injuries, Choosing and using Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Hazard Communication, Exit routes, Emergency Action Plans & Fire Prevention, Fire Detection & Protection, Electrical, Electrical Part II, Case Studies & Workshop, Flammable & Combustible Liquids, Lockout/Tagout, Machine Guarding, Walking & Working Surfaces, Welding, Cutting & Brazing, Material Handling, Ergonomics, Permit-Required Confined Spaces, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Industrial Hygiene & Bloodborne Pathogens, Hand & Portable Power Tools & Other Hand-Held Equipment and Case Studies & Workshop.
All upon completion all employees receive a DOL Training card acknowledging completion and certification.


                     5 to 9 years of service

 L to R: James Bosefski, Wes Trabosh, Mark Saylor, Steve Morgan, Paul Baddock and Michael Wright

                    10 to 14 years of service

L to R: Jason Brown, Ken Rice, Carol Bush and Todd Techentine

                    15 to 19 years of service

L to R: Cameron Smith, Christine Serratore and Gene Vasura

                   20 years of service




On April 14, 2018, Scott and Seth Blankenhorn were part of something GREATER. They joined an elite group at and participated with the 1,000 who will earn the first of the official 2018 Boston Marathon Medals.
Tough Ruck is a group of military and civilians whose sole purpose is to “Ruck” in honor and memory of our Fall Service Members, Police, Firefighters and EMT’s, while raising funds to support military families in times of need. They walk a 26.2 mile course with their rucks and carry the names of fallen comrades with them. They were proud to announce the continuation of the partnership with the Boston Athletic Association, the National Park Service and the Old Manse for 2018.
On April 15th 2013, The Tough Ruck members were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and joined the first responders to help those that were injured by the horrific blasts. They truly exemplify the best of what our Nation is. Each year Ruckers are awarded the first of the official Boston Marathon Medals and receive recognition from the Boston Athletic Association.



Empire Beauty School set for move to Route 61 location


Published: November 28, 2012
"Jim Buhay, project manager with Heim Construction, Pottsville, the general contractor, said work at the site started in late August and took 11 weeks. The occupancy inspection is today, which will give the green light for occupancy if the site passes inspection, he said.

Workers were at the site Tuesday finishing connecting wires and other work related to the air conditioning units, he said. LED lights and rubber and cork flooring in the salon and other areas can ease the strain on the feet of the students. The lobby area has vinyl plank laminate that looks like real wood.

Some of the work also included demolishing the former site of CosmoProf that had a presence at the site. That store moved into part of the former Hollywood Video in Pottsville Park Plaza, Norwegian Township, earlier this year.
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Historic Ashmore Pedestrian Bridge

Published April 22, 2013
A 117-foot bridge that will take the Greater Hazleton rail-trail over an active Norfolk Southern railroad line will be held by supports built more than 120 years ago by the Coxe coal barons.

The supports now have a new concrete cap to carry the bridge, and pedestrians, over the Norfolk Southern line.

"The bridge will be delivered in two sections and bolted together on-site," said Dennis Moyer, project manager for Heim Construction Co. Pottsville, which is building the bridge as part of the second leg of the trail from Ashmore in Hazle Township to Hazle Brook in Foster Township. "When it is put together, the crane will lift it into place the next day."

Moyer said the new trail section will be built by July 10.

Orwigsburg Bridge Replacement

Published April 2013
The bridge over the creek at South Liberty Street and Adamsdale Road was deemed structurally deficient in 2001 because of problems with the abutments, where the bridge joins the road. The bridge borders North Manheim and West Brunswick townships.

Starting today, lane shifts will be in effect from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., said John Serratore, project manager with Heim Construction Co., Pottsville, the general contractor on the $2,046,582 project.

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Cameron - "Williamstown Community Pride Organization"

Story and Photos by Tom Degnitz
The effort grew out of Williamstown area’s celebration of its 175th anniversary in 2001.  

A group of community-minded townsfolk wanted to continue the enthusiasm the event had generated, so they formed the Williamstown Community Pride organization.

Comprised of local business owners and residents, Williamstown Community Pride strives to do what its name states – encourage pride in the community.

In addition, the group plans family-oriented activities throughout the year.

“Many people here work in the Harrisburg and Pottsville areas, so by the time that they get home from work at the end of the day, why should they turn around and drive back to Harrisburg, if they want to take their family to a movie or some other event?” said Cameron Smith Jr., the organization’s president.

Movies seem to be an activity that might draw in local families, so the group decided to give it a try.  Group members contacted a Schuylkill County firm that was willing to screen movies in the local community park but the cost to the group was prohibitive.

After one film, “Spider Man 2,” Community Pride members decided to try it on their own.  They purchased a projector and a 12-by-9-foot screen, and convinced local resident Kerry Moyer – who had worked for a while as a disc jockey – to volunteer the use of his sound equipment for their movie presentations.  

“We also purchased a license to show movies in public – just to keep things legal,” Joe Dagostino, a group member and local barber said.

Community Pride members operate the concession stand – selling popcorn, hot dogs and nachos – to offset some of the expenses.  

According to group member Nancy Smith, as many as 100 local residents have shown up to watch the movies in the park, completely free to the public.  

“Just bring your lawn chair and enjoy the show,” Smith said.

The films have been well-received, group member Elva Jane D’agostino said.

‘‘This is our eighth year showing movies in the park,’’ she noted. ‘‘We show four each season – one on Memorial Day weekend, one in mid-June and two in July. We show them on Fridays, with Saturday as a rain date.’

’This year, the group already has shown “Wreck It Ralph” and “Skyfall.”  Coming up are “Hotel Transylvania” Friday, July 12 and “Brave” Friday, July 26.

As always, admission to the movies is free and the show is open to the public. A car show has been scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 17 with the band, Rockville Review, providing entertainment.

Williamstown Community Pride supports other events throughout the year as well. It sponsors the annual Christmas tree lighting, Breakfast With Santa, Community Day and Duck Race.  

It also has provided “Welcome to Williamstown” signs at the edge of town, as well as flowerpots to give the borough a little splash of color throughout the year.  

“We’re proud of our little community,” Smith said. “We’re doing what we can to help others be proud of our town as well.”

"Article and Photo are republished with the permission of The Upper Dauphen Sentinel."

Richard Miller, Jr.

Richard Miller Jr., of South Tamaqua, took this 240-pound bear in West Penn Township on Friday, November 22, 2014 the last day of the statewide archery bear season. Miller got the bear with an Excalibur Matrix crossbow, and it supports the report by Pennsylvania Game Commission bear biologist Mark Ternert at the January quarterly meeting of the board of game commissioners about black bears expanding their range.

"Article and Photo are republished with the permission of the Pottsville Republican - Herald."  
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Cameron Smith, Jr. - Super Snacking

“Super Snacking”
Cameron Smith, Jr., of Williamstown, created a “Super Bowl Snack Stadium, Williamstown,” with cardboard, hot glue and extreme carpentry skills. Taco dip field, fruit and vegetable “crowd” and rice crispy walls made for some super snacking during the big game.

“Article is republished with the permission of The Citizen – Standard, Valley View, PA.”
“Photo credit by Heather Maur

Allen Engineering Advertisement - Heim Employees

Heim Construction employees pictured in Allen Engineering advertisement. See advertisement below:

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Appreciation for Renovations to Soup Kitchen

Your Views
Published: September 9, 2014

To the Editor:

A long overdue thank you to Roy Heim of Heim Construction for the incredible renovation of the Pottsville Area Soup Kitchen. This project was completed over the past year.

When Roy was approached to renovate the soup kitchen, he came to the site immediately and was generous enough to arrange donations from many local businesses and organizations. The project manager, Jim Buhay, also played an important role with this renovation. He was always available and eager to address any of our concerns or issues that arose during this project.

They both did an incredible job that enabled the soup kitchen to remain open during the renovations. Roy’s leadership in putting this project together was very impressive.

Thank you to the following contributors for their donations to the soup kitchen:

Bear Creek Flooring, Orwigsburg; Eastern Surfaces, Allentown; Greg Muncy Painting; Heim Construction Co., Pottsville; Iron Valley Ceilings, Lebanon; JELD-WEN Windows, Ringtown; Jim Coulson Electric, Minersville; Martins Appliance, Myerstown; MRD Lumber Co., Orwigsburg; Schuylkill County Medical Society; Scott Millwork, Cressona; Yost Mechanical, Schuylkill Haven.

Thank you also to the many private contributors. Without everyone’s help this renovation would never have been completed.

The greatest appreciation also goes to Rosemary Cairns, who has tirelessly run the Pottsville Soup Kitchen for more than 28 years. She is a great example of the fine people who serve others in Schuylkill County.

The Pottsville Area Soup Kitchen is located at 504 Mahantongo St., Pottsville, and has served our community since March 1984. They serve a hot meal Monday through Thursday at 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at noon.

Dr. Carol A. BilinskiIntegrated Medical GroupBlue Mountain Pediatrics 
"This article is republished with the permission of the Pottsville Republican - Herald." 2019 BRONZE STEP AWARD PRESENTED TO HEIM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
The Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) program was developed and written by contractors, for contractors. The program provides an organized approach for analyzing and developing safety and loss prevention programs and a valid, objective method for measuring safety program improvements as well as a safety performance.
Of the seventy-seven (77) companies receiving Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, Heim Construction Company earned and was awarded the Bronze level.  Awards were presented in a ceremony at the Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center located in Blue Bell, Pa. The Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. hosted the event.
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